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Picic & Photoshoot Ideas at Home!

During this pandemic and not being able to go out and hit the streets for photoshoots, staying at home and taking pictures has been the coolest alternative.

The fist option for a cute photoshoot setup it's my making a picnic with random object you have in your house! Also, it's not a picnic without food, so make sure to have something to eat while taking your pictures. In this case I'm using pizza for all the fun colors it has, plus you can have some really cheesy photos! Trust me in this one, your photos will turn out to be looking bomb!

For this next idea, it is super easy and you can do it anytime in any part of your house!

You'll only need a white plane bed sheet, and you are going to place it on a tall surface, letting the fabric hanging and creating a background.

Something like this:

Then you are going to do the same with another white bed sheet, but you are going to place it on the floor, and now you can start adding a bunch of colored objects! For my pictures I chose the color red, so I placed three glass cups and filled them with tomato juice; and the result was AMAZING!

I hope these photoshoot ideas were help you to you and let me know if you ever try these photoshoot ideas by tagging me on Instagram! Until next time!

xx Ceci

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