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White Crop Top Upgrade

I bet we all have that basic white tshirt or crop top, that we never know who to make it look put together. Well, for today's blog post I'm going to show you two outfit ideas on who to style it!


For my first outfit, I wanted to do something laidback but with a kick of color, making the whole look super casual but with a hint of street style! They key to accomplish this look is to just wear some ripped denim shorts, and make sure these are high waisted. Then add a cute red baseball cap, some white kicks and a taupe medium purse! The balance betewen the

more elegant bag, along with the sneakers, creates the perfect balance for an edgy casual look, that you can rock everyday at anytime.

For this second look I wanted to create the illusion of a more fancy look, by just playing with the contrast of two different shades. The color black affects the mind and body by helping to create an inconspicuous feeling, boosting confidence in appearance, increasing the sense of potential. (Bourn Creative, 2020). In addition, society sees this color as something fancy and elegant, transforming the whole look into something out of the box.

To top it of, you can just play with different accesories within the same color range. In this outfit I decided to go for a cute pair of white Birkenstocks, a black crossbody purse and some classic Ray-Bans!

Hope you guys this blog post was useful to you, and if you ever recreate this look, make sure to tag me on Instagram!

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