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DIY: Turn a Handkerchief Into a Blouse

Hi there and welcome!

Lately I've seen this trend all over social media, about these tupe tops with a bandana pattern and I decided to try and make my own version of it! So with that said, on today's blog post I'm going to show you the easiest way to turn a basic handkerchief into a really cute top, and different ways to style it!

First of all, you'll need a handkerchief (these typically come in the same size no matter the brand), and you are going to place it on a flat surface wide open; so then you will just fold it through the middle, making it look like a triangle.

After that, you are going to place it as a top and make a tight knot on your back, and you are done! It is that easy! Now you can go and rock your new blouse for the summertime!

The first way I styled my new blouse, was just with a pair of white Sandals, some cute white high waisted shorts and a white kimono or a white denim jacket! I wanted the top to be the pop of delicate color, pairing with simple white things.

For my next look, I wanted to do something a little more over the edge, by wearing a pair of orange pants! A pro tip when you are combining colors, in this case we took pink and orange, you want to look for different colors that are places in your garment you wish to pair with something else. For instance, my handkerchief has small orange flowers, so that's why I decided to combine it with a pair of orange pants!

I love how this look turned out to be looking super street style with a twist of feminine!

I hope this blog post was useful to you, and if you want more outfit inspiration you can follow me on all my social media! Until next time!

xx Ceci

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