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How To Be More Productive

Hi there! Greeting from the safety of my home and I hope all of you guys are as well!

During quarantine you are obviously stuck at your house for a long period of time without being able to hit the streets, and things around you can get pretty boring and anxious. So lucky I´ve come up with a couple of things you can spare your time, instead of watching Netflix all day and instead being able to have a more productive safe quarantine!


1. Setup a photoshoot in your house

While stuck here at my house in quarantine, not being able to go out and take pictures for my Instagram, I decided to step up my game and have an exclusive photoshoot in the safety of my house. On this wise, I ripped a bunch of magazine pages and paste them on my wall, making a huge collage; ask someone to take the pictures for you, and if you don´t have someone around you, you can always set up a timer on your phone and take amazing photos for your Instagram!

2. Cook or bake something you have never done before.

One the things I've been baking nonstop during this lockdown, is banana bread! There's a lot of super delicious and easy recipes on the web for you to try with ingredients you have in your pantry. One of my favorites it´s definitely the one with chocolate chips.Trust me, you won´t regret this one!

3. Discover new music

For me, one of the best feelings in the world is discovering new music from different genres I'm not usually familiar with. So, hop on your Spotify and click on the "discover" option within the browse window; the app will give you a lot of new music realized based on songs you've heard. This is such a fun way to pass some time relaxing.

4. Pick up a new hobby

Paint, dance, sing, write are just a couple of things you can start doing while you are in your house! Each activity you choose, will keep you motivated and also it you are going to keep exercising your brain to stay creative!

5. Workout at home

Closed gyms? No problem! This could not be a better moment to star getting in shape during quarantine stuck at home. There's plenty of home workouts on Youtube and Pinterest, and besides of working out, this also really works for you to get up every morning with a routine and stay active! Skip those extra minutes watching Netflix, and instead get up of your bed and sweat all that banana bread you've been baking! :)

6. Read a good book

Do you remember that book you bought a long time just chilling in your room? Well it's time to pick it up and start readying it!

If you don't own a good book you are interested in, there's a lot of online platforms where you can find any type that satisfies your interests; and if you are not a big fan of this activity, you can always give it a try staring by a book based on a movie you've seen, and I specially recommend read something before going to bed. It really helps you sleep a lot better!

Here are some book recommendations!

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