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Now Wear This! Embroidered Jeans

With every season of the year, new trends come along. This Summer is all about embroidered EVERYTHING! from jackets, to shoes, denim, even shoes, and let me tell you, that this is by far one of my favorite trends of the year, because it adds the perfect bloom to the most simple wardrobe pieces.

Keep in mind that fashion is constantally becoming more bold and more fearless, so take advantage of that and have fun with your mixing and matching! A really useful tip when buying clothing with embroidery is to always look for the right pattern. By this I mean, if you dig the color of the patches, the quality and of course, the design of it.

As far on how to style it, I usually pick the less predominant color of the part of the outfit that stands out the most, which in this case are my embroidered jeans that have little hints of pink. Therefore, I chose a one color blouse, but still very stylish with the open back and the wide sleeves, making the whole outfit super trendy.

I hope you guys find this article useful on how to style your embroidered jeans and do not forget to follow me on all my social media and as well subscribe to my Blog to stay updated with the latelest fashion trends.

- xx Ceci

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