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What To Pack To A Tropical Vacation

Warm weather, sandy beaches, crystal clear water and lot's of Margaritas, sounds like Heaven right?

A few weeks ago my family and I took a tropical vacation to a city called La Paz, located in Baja California Sur, Mexico. This is a place where all year long you'll enjoy the warm weather. Since this beach is located beside the Sea of Cortez, the water is very still, quiet and it's also so clear that you can actually see little colorful fishes swimming around your feet. Pretty cool right!

And now here are some tips and essentials for when you are traveling to a tropical place:

There Will Be Sun!

  • Sunscreen: Nobody likes looking like a red lobster after spending a day in the beach, so bring as much sunblock as you can. In addition for those who want to sunbathe, I recommend you to use a sunscreen with lower levels of SPF, that way you are still getting tan, but without damaging your skin.

  • Aloe Vera: We all know how bad a sunburn hurts, but a cool tip is to put on aloe vera , because its cool and soothing so it helps to reduce the pain.

  • Sunglasses & Hats: It's time to change from a beanie to a pretty summer hat and add some cool shades to your outfit too. You will be protecting yourself from the sun, but also you'll be looking super stylish and summer ready.

  • Sandals or water shoes: These are definitely must have, because the sand on the beach tend to get really hot for your feet to walk on it. Also, some beaches have a lot of corals on the sea's floor, so it's hard to walk on it without hurting your feet, so I strongly recommend you to bring a pair of protective shoes. (Crocks for example)

  • Swimsuit cover-up: If you are going to spend the day at the beach, these are your best option after getting out of the sea and you are still wet and you don't want to wet your shorts.

Just for fun

Go Pro: You are going to a tropical place where the water is turquoise, so just imagine the beautiful underwater pictuters. So Instagram worthy!

Bandanna: There's nothing wrong with wearing accessories to the beach every now and then. Just wrap a cute bandanna around your head

Snorkel: Don't miss out the opportunity to interact with the underwater world, and who knows you might be the next one who finds Nemo.

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