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Rocky Streets At San Miguel de Allende

Ahhhh…back at it again in the beautiful city of San Miguel de Allende! Definitely one of my favorite cities in the world. Certainly with stunning European architecture; along with the tiny and curious streets. Therefore, on today´s blog post I´m going to give you some tips and tricks to look super stylish, while you are walking down these rocky allies.

The first thing you will ever notice is that there are two types of people touring the beautiful city. The ones who go all out with their outfit. Or the ones who prefer something a little bit more casual, but still rocking that statement vogue. For this reason, I´m going to show you both ways to dress your style in the cutest and most stylish way ever!

For starters, this was my favorite outfit of the weekend I spent there. You need to keep in mind that these streets are full of rocky paths. And cars are not an option for transporting you to one place to another if you are in downtown. So, rule #1 it´s to avoid any type of heel or at least don´t wear one that´s pretty high. Otherwise, you´ll have a really bad time walking with the heel stuck between the pebbled street. Hahaha trust me, I´ve been there! That´s why I extremely recomend a pair of cute sandals or sneakers! you can´t never go wrong with those.

For this look, I paired it with my favorite sandals ever. There are my white Birkenstock, and trust me when I say that these are perfect for walking a long path, without hurting your feet. For my bottoms, I just chose these really cute flair pants, with polkadots all over it, and some button detail on top. San Miguel de Allende tends to have really warm weather during the day. Therefore, since my pants where high waisted, I just paired it with black V-neck crop top.

To top it all of, I layered a bunch of necklaces to make my simple outfit, a little bit more glam and put together. And of course you can´t miss that fabulous sombrero. You are not in San Miguel if you don´t wear your sombrero with every look! (I actually got mine from a local store)

(Here´s me and one of my best friends wearing

the same outfit style by accident!)

This next outfit, it is a little bit less glam, but still super stylish! Since the weekend I spent in San Miguel, was the anniversary of Mexico´s independence! Accordingly I needed to rock my country´s flag colors: green, white and red. For my bottoms, I actually got them for a store call Bershka, which lately I’ve been living for it. In addition, what I loved about these shorts, it´s that they have an 80´s vibe with the alternarted stripes and colors. Along with it, I´m rocking a really cute and soft T-shirt from Shein!

Finally, to complete the outfit, you need to wear your sombrero! As a result, this will add a ton more style and glam to your whole look!

I hope you find this article useful and if you ever recreate one of these looks, tag me on Instagram at @CeciliaMontanom ! Thank you so much for stopping by, until next time!

xx Ceci

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