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Road Trippin' to Santa Barbara

I'm all about that summer pop of color, specially if I'm wearing the most simple outfit, I love giving it a little twist and thinking outside the box!

Last week my family and I went on a California road trip; all the way from San Diego to Santa Barbara. It was a pretty short drive to make it to our destination, but still I wanted to be comfortable and all set to just arrive and start cruising around the coast of the town.

Nothing could be more fitting than a cute pair of bright yellow shorts, that actually look like a skirt, transforming the whole look into something more preppy and put together. Points for that!

On the other hand, for my top, I just threw on a "not so simple" long t-shirt from Zara. Which actually has a really creative colorful pattern on the back. With hints of green and yellow, matching my bright shorts. In addition, since it's a pretty long shirt, I just did knot on the side of it, to make it more stylish.

For the cherry on top, I finished the look with a cute pair of sandals from Birkenstock. These are super modish and comfortable for walking long periods of time, making it perfect for summer vacationing.

I hope you guys enjoyed this article with useful tips and tricks for summer road trip outfits. Let me know what you think about it in the comments below and don't forget to follow me in my social media accounts to find fashion insp. Stay tuned for more articles coming soon!

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