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Not Your Typical White Shirt

Sometimes I like going all out with my outfits, but some other days, I'd rather wear something comfy but still very stylish.

I've seen this basic trend so many times all over the internet and it's also my go-to look when I'm in a hurry, since it is so easy and stylish. Therefore I decided to change up a little bit the basic white t-shirt and black jeans look.

For today's, look I'm wearing a long over-sized button down shirt, with my favorite #NotSoBasic leopard black jeans. This outfit is legit the most easy look I've ever worn and the best thing about it is that, you can find over-sized shirts everywhere!

Trust me, they are the most common wardrobe clothing piece ever. It's just a matter of mixing and matching to accomplish the correct runway look.

Finish up you look with a pop of color, I styled this one with a bright red and blue bandanna around my neck, adding a subtle originality to the outfit. How would've thought that a white t-shirt has been the most stylish thing you've had in your closet!

Hope you liked the article, and If you did, don't forget to subscribe to my blog to stay updated with the latest fashion trends!

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