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Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring

First of all, Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day full of love and happiness. I can't believe it's February all ready, time goes by so fast! I recall a couple of months ago the weather was extremely cold, and now, Spring right around the corner.

Within these transitions of Seasons, sometimes is hard to figure out what to wear because the climate is stuck between cold and warm. In these cases, my favorite thing to do is combine my spring and winter clothes to create a solution to this vogue problem.

Fashion is all about mixing and matching, especially in these types of cases. A great tip to try out, simply consists in layering a cute top with sleeves under your favorite spring dress. This adds so much style to your look, making it seem as if you spent hours picking out an outfit. Likewise, don't forget to finish up the look by adding a cute kerchief the same color of your dress. This will add formality and creativeness to your outfit.

Don't forget that Fashion is all about being yourself and having fun. There's no limits when it comes to coming up with different trends and combinations. I encourage you to add your own twist to your outfits, since that is where YOUR STYLE INSTINCT begins.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope this tip was helpful to you and don't forget to tweet me or tag me if you ever recreate this look!

xx, Ceci

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