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Denizen By Levi's: Boyfriend Jeand Edition

Hello there! Doesn't matter the season, time of the day, or occasion, but ripped boyfriend jeans are always a good idea.

Although I love my go-to skinny ripped jeans, lately I've been dragged to these type of loose fit, dark washed style. Luckily, for today's blog I got the chance to collaborate with a brand called DENIZEN from Levi's. Their designs are sold exclusively at Target, and they offer a bunch of loose & fits to choose from. In order so you can feel great wearing the jeans your heart desires.

In addition, I love how these jeans from DENIZEN are so versatile. This because of the color, style and cut, it all compliments each other to create the perfect pair of lifesaver jeans. You can wear them to school when you have no time to figure out an outfit. Simply throw on a cute t-shirt and a pair of cute boots and you are good to go.

Now let's talk about on who I styled my new jeans, which it took me literally 10 minutes to put it all together I like to call this one, the "Effortless street style look". Since every piece of clothing I'm wearing has something going on. My grey ripped jeans contrast with my white blouse, that has some flare on it. To top it of, I layered on two necklaces, and paired it with watch that has similar color, and of course, my favorite sunglasses at the moment.

Finally, it wouldn't be a street style look completed without my black boots from Steve Madden.

As you can see, nothing of the things I am wearing are plain. This makes the effect as if you have been hours figuring out what to wear, when you actually just dressed with the first things you saw in your closet. This is a great tip to live by when you are a College student like me, with busy mornings.

I hope you this article was useful in anyway to you, and if you ever try this out, let me know in the comments bellow!

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