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Cut Off Short 101

Well hello there Summer! Long time no see! It seemed like forever since I last wore shorts, but luckly, now the weather is starting to get warmer and warmer each day, meaning that this is also the season of cute crop tops, beach hats, colorful sandals and trendy shorts.

Last week I went shopping at the mall, and as soon as I entered Forever 21, I couldn't help but notice the huge denim short sale they were having.

1 PAIR OF DENIM SHORTS FOR $20dlls! So I bought a couple of shorts, and now I can't take them off. They are so comfy and stylish. What else can you ask for in a pair of high waisted shorts! Here are two different outfit ideas on how to style a pair of super trendy denim shorts.

For my first look I'm wearing my favorite high waisted shorts at the moment from Forever 21, along with a trendy bohemian blouse with little embroidered palm trees and an open back. To make it a little bit more "Coachella/desert" style, I added my favorite pair of Timberland boots and a fashionable hat from ILYmix (Get 20% off with the discount code "STYLE20"). Moreover, Open backs on blouses are currently one of my favorite trends in the fashion world. The blouse might be super simple, but when you add some cut outs, I think, is one of the most beautiful trends to try this summer. Go bold with your outfits! I dare you to try out the latest vogues! Like the "everything with cutouts".

Summer is all about vibrant colors and textures, so take advantage of it! One of the things I love the most about this season, is that you can wear whatever you want to wear, because you have the chance to mix and match a lot accessories and clothing. For instance, it might be super hot outside one day, so you wear something fresh and humidity free. However, what if it gets chilly at night? No prob! You can just throw a cute bomber jacket top of your outfit, and problem solved.

Now let me tell you how cool this bomber jacket is! It is actually reversible, so you have a two-in-one bomber jacket. This is definitely a must have in your closet, and you need it ASAP.

You can create a bunch of different outfits with just one jacket, because it has completely different colors and textures on each side. As you can tell by the picture below, on the side has a really colorful & silky flower pattern, however, you turn it around and the fabric is more rough and has little white details on its black canvas.

Just because it's summer, that doesn't mean you can't wear your favorite Timberland's. In fact, Timberland shoes can also be worn in the summertime. These yellow construction boots are becoming the newest vogue all around the fashion world, because of its comfort, durability and style. Furthermore, I really like how the denim blue of the shorts contrasts with the color of the boots. It definitely makes your outfit look a lot more put together and super stylish.

xx Ceci

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