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A Toast To Time

Counting down the days until the flowers finally start to bloom, the days to get warmer and the trendy accessories that comes with it. The spring time is my favorite season of all times, because it is finally that time of the year, that after months of living in the cold and gloomy weather, nature finally gets itself together and everything comes alive again.

With spring getting closer each day, new vogues are coming along, and today I'm here to update you with the latest news on the fashion world. Well now wood watches are starting to become a trend; You can literally turn your favorite type of tree into a beautiful watch to never loose track of time ever again. How cool is that!

I recently got the chance to collaborate with a really creative brand called JORD, whom actually combines two of my favorite things, fashion & nature, transforming it into one essential piece of accessory, and I'm here to tell you all about these extra ordinary watches.

First of all, if you like the smell of the grass after a storm, trust me you won't let go off this watch, because these are actually made out of wood. This company currently works with thirteen different kinds of woods, such as Acacia, Bamboo, Ebony, Maple. In addition, just because it is wood, that doesn't necessarily mean that all of the watches need to be shades of brown, JORD Wood Watches have something for everyone. As I mention before, they have a lot of different models, they go all the way from colorful to elegant, others are more sporty looking and some classic wood watches.

These watches are perfect for welcoming the spring time, and you can carry them every where you go, with every outfit you want. This is because the crystal on top is actually sapphire glass, known for its durability and resistance to scratches. Overall, these accessories in specific are super lightweight and so simple but not going out of the elegant radar.

Hope you liked my review and don't forget to tell me what you think about these wood watches in any of my social media or in the comments down bellow of the article.

xx Ceci

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