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A Day By The Bay

Living in a city so close to the ocean has some perks, such as; waking up and smelling the salty breeze, going to the beach in the Summer, staring at the sunset on the horizon of the sea, or even enjoying an exquisite plate at your favorite restaurant, watching the waves crash to the rocks. The number of benefits are endless. Nevertheless, it also comes with some downsides, such as those unexpected rain storms, the pretty cold weather in the winter time & very hot humid summer days, and the common windy and gloomy days.

Despite the windy day, don't make it the reason you had to change your whole outfit. They key here for those kinds of situations, is to wear something light and flowy, that when the current of wind hits you, you'll be looking flawless and so Instagram worthy!

This is one of my first collaborations ever since I first started my blog, with an online clothing store that provides the most gorgeous and affordable pieces of clothing, perfect for all types of weather, seasons and events. Now those windy and gloomy days will be filled with amazing and stylish outfits.

xx Ceci

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