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Hi there! My name is Cecilia, but you can call me Ceci (Ce-ce), creator of Your Style Instinct!

 I'm  22 years old and currently studying a career on Fashion Design, along with pursuing my dream of becoming one someday. In addition, starting off 2021 with the right foot, I've gotten the chance to be wortking as a video marketing specialist


Growing up in a Mexican & American family, got me the chance to learn both Spanish and English languages! So yes I'm billingual! In addition, I've gotten the chance to live the different trends appearing in both Countries, and combing them while making my outfits!


Fashion has always been a part of me for as long as I can remember. I've always been so drawn to the art of what makes up each garment, the delicacy of different fabrics and also the little details that make an outfit, out of this world.



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